SmartGrip 532 Plus FS

Fast Set High Performance Cementitious Tile Adhensive - Class C2FTES1

SmartGrip 532 Plus FS is a single component fast setting high performance polymer enhanced, flexible cementitious adhesive. SmartGrip 532 Plus FS is designed for tiling of both interior and exterior areas for wall and floor to a wide range of substrates, including swimming pool areas. It is ideal for areas where fast return to service is critical such as commercial malls, pedestrian walkways or public premises where trades need to access tiled areas quickly. SmartGrip 532 Plus FS performance may be upgraded by replacing the clean water used in mixing with SmartGrip Plus-100 to enhance flexibility and water resistance.


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  • Concrete
  • Rendered brick and block wall
  • Precast Drywall
  • Tile Overlayment, Fibre Cement and plasterboard application with addition of SmartGrip Plus-100
  • Waterproofing membrane surfaces
  • Interior & Exterior Walls and floors


  • Easy of use (Only water required to mix)
  • Excellent adhesion strength and flexibility
  • Good deformability
  • Water resistant (suitable for wet areas such as swimming pools & toilets)
  • No pre-soaking of tiles required
  • Fast setting property allows light foot traffic after 4 hours