VertiGrip 1110


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Bond Enhancer

VertiGrip 1110 (5kg/20kg)

Bond Grip Enhancer/Moisture Repellant Primer

VertiGrip 1110 is pure dispersion resin inter-mixed with quartz and has easy application rheology. It is used with its moisture repellence property and mechanical key enhancement on absorbent or dense substrates for onward layer application of mineral plasters or tiles adhesives.

PACKING: 5kg / 20kg


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  • Intended subsequent plasters
  • Tile adhesive
  • Can be sprayed, rolled or brushed applied
  • Surface priming
  • Dust proofing
  • Moisture repellent (hydrophobic)
  • Mandatory for absorbent or dense surfaces
  • Mandatory for vertical walls

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