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SmartFlex (HDB Approved)

Flexible Cementitious waterproofing Membrane

SmartFlex is a two-component, flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane. It is reinforced with specially selected and graded fine quartz. When blended, SmartFlex forms a flexible matrix of polymer and hydrate structures. This provides a breathable membrane which allows water vapour transmission but impermeable to liquid water. SmartFlex is easily applied as a slurry onto horizontal and vertical surfaces. No priming is needed as SmartFlex has good substrate adhesion.

PACKING: 36Kg Set (20Kg Powder + 16Kg Liquid) 


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  • Bathrooms, Toilets and Kitchens
  • Balconies and Planter Boxes
  • Swimming Pools
  • Water Tanks
  • Basements walls
  • Able to applied on damp surfaces
  • Cracks-bridging ability
  • Good substrate adhesion and flexible
  • Non-toxic ideal for confined areas

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